Child emotions often leave us bewildered and confused:

Parents are not alone in pondering these things. Even experienced educators ask those same questions in regards to the children in their care.

     Let’s face it, emotions can take you and your child on a wild ride. If it were only the laughter, smiles and fun times it would be easy. But then come the times when it is embarrassing or infuriating, or keeping you awake at night, and sometimes even bringing you to tears. Do you ever regret how you’ve responded to your child, yet you’re not really sure what you would do different if you had the chance? Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night to replay in your mind an emotional interaction with your child from the previous day?

     Take hope! Emotions – both yours and your children’s – are not the enemy. They can serve you and your child as a teacher. Let them inform you, but not rule you. Let those emotions be a source to guide you, not simply a hurdle to cross so everyone can move forward with their lives. Allow them to show what is important to you and your child: joys, sorrows, fears, values, and even the very heart of who you are and the dreams of who you hope to be.

     David Vick – a grandfather, educator, and therapist – shares stories and encouragements to help you understand and harness emotions so your relationship can thrive.