Brain Science

John Medina – A gifted and humorous communicator, all of his books make brain science understandable and engaging. These books, as with his other “Brain Rules” books are practical, research based, and fun to read, three qualities quite rarely achieved together. His books present scientific and practical foundations for raising emotionally healthy youth.

Medina, J. (2009). Brain rules. Seattle: Pear Press.

Medina, J. (2014). Brain rules for baby. Seattle: Pear Press.

Medina, J. (2018). Attack of the teenage brain. Alexandria, VA: ASCD.

Abigail Baird – Her entertaining book is available on Audible. It challenged me to consider the benefits for a child or teen to not have a fully developed prefrontal cortex.

Baird, A. (2021). Welcome to your teenager's brain. Audible Originals.